Question 1) Is construction finalised yet?

Yes.  Construction of Stage One (72 land lots) was completed in September 2018, and construction of Stage Two (61 lots) was completed in December 2018.  All land in Hydeberry is now registered and ready for building.

Question 2) Are there any guidelines for what I can / can’t build?

Yes.  A large point of difference for Hydeberry is the focus on delivering quality homes.  The Hydeberry Design Guidelines were created to assist purchasers to construct well designed homes to ensure the community feels premium and has a consistent vision.  These guidelines ensure that Hydeberry is a highly desirable place to live, and that your home is in good company.  For further information about the Design Guidelines, please visit the Hydeberry Information Portal

Question 3) Can I choose my own builder?

Yes.  You’re welcome to partner with the builder of your choice to design your ideal home, in accordance with Hydeberry’s Design Guidelines. 

Question 4) What information does my Builder need to know?

We have created the Hydeberry information portal as a one stop shop for all information that your Builder will need to know.  We encourage you to share this important resource with your builder.  You can access the portal via the button below.  

Question 5) How much deposit do I need to put down on the land?

Initially, you will need to put down a $1,000 deposit to secure the land lot you would like to purchase.  Once you have a signed a contract and the cooling off period has passed, a 10% deposit (less your initial $1,000 payment) is due within 14 days of signing the contract, unless otherwise stated. 

Question 6) What is a covenant bond and when do I pay it?

The purpose of a covenant bond is to ensure the homes built at Hydeberry are delivered in accordance with the plans submitted and approved by Mirvac.  At Hydeberry, this is a one-off payment of $3,500, payable when you submit your house and landscaping plans for approval.  When you have finished building your home and your landscaping is complete, you will book in a covenant inspection.  When the inspection is passed, your $3,500 bond will be refunded to you. 

Question 7) When can I start building my house?

You can start building your home once you have:

1) Settled on your land lot
2) Have covenant approval from Mirvac on your house and landscaping plans
3) Your $3,500 covenant bond has been paid

Question 8) How long do I have to start building after settlement?

You have 12 months from the date of settlement to commence building your home.  Once you have started construction, you have a further 12 months to finish building and landscaping. 

Question 9) What is a setback?

A setback is the distance between the boundary of your lot and the buildable area for your house.  There are front, side and rear setbacks that apply to lots at Hydeberry.

Question 10) What setbacks apply to my lot at Hydeberry?

To increase the building footprint of our lots, Mirvac has received approval for setback relaxations from Brisbane City Council. The full detail on what specific setbacks apply to each lot can be found in our building envelope guide located on our information portal. 


Most local top-tier builders are familiar with our approved setbacks, otherwise our experienced Sales Consultants will be able to assist you should you have any queries. 

Question 11) Are there shops nearby?

Yes.  Currently there are two separate shopping precincts under construction:

1) IGA – located on the corner of Gardner Road & Lorisch Way.  These shops are only 200m from Hydeberry.
2) Rochedale Town Centre (First Stage Under Construction) – located on the corner of Miles Platting Road and Gardner Road.  This new precinct is located less than 1km from Hydeberry with Coles expected to be open mid-2019. 

In addition, Hydeberry is only 3.7km away from Westfield Garden City, and 5.6km from Sunnybank Plaza.

Question 12) What public transportation is in the area?

Hydeberry is only 350m from the 261 bus stop, giving direct access to the CBD.

Hydeberry is also in close proximity to the planned Brisbane Metro service.  Due to open in 2023, Hydeberry is located within 3.5km to the planned station at Eight Miles Plains.   

Question 13) What school catchment is Hydeberry in?

Hydeberry is located in the following catchments for primary and secondary schools:

Prep to Year 6: Rochedale State School
Year 7 to Year 12: Rochedale State High School

Question 14) Where is the closest park?

Pask Family Park, located on the corner of Gardner Road and Arise Boulevard is a short walk from Hydeberry.  The park includes a playground, seating and BBQ area. 

Question 15) Is there body corporate?

No.  All land lots at Hydeberry are freehold, bringing cost of living down for you and your family.